Onion Syrup

First I would like to talk about what onion syrup does: coughs and colds. Onion itself is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. It is not a cough suppressant as often described but it reduces the frequency and intensity of spasmodic and insistent lingering coughs. Personally I also feel like it warms and opens the pores to get the sickness out.

Cover sliced onions with honey in a bowl. I used half an onion and it was plenty! Let it sit in a warm environment for about 4 hours, stirring here and there. Over time you will see that the juices of the onion are coming out and mixing with the honey.


This is my onion stuff after 5-6 hours. I strained the onions and put the syrup in a glass jar and put it in the fridge. It will last about 5 days in there. That is why it’s important not to make too much!
You can also add garlic and/or ginger for an extra kick. If mixed with cayenne pepper it will help clear mucus.

You can take a sip of the syrup as needed. I felt fairly warm right after and I can imagine it’s a good idea to go to sleep and sweat the cold out. The syrup tastes sweet with an onion kick.

The leftover onions can be used for a nice bake or fry. I haven’t tried them yet. Just know they are sweet and not as spicy as they were originally.

Please let me know if you have more questions. I have a whole handout here about cold remedies and I would love to share these remedies with people interested!



Wow, this year is flying! And a lot has changed. It’s also time to change the theme around here a bit, sorta like sweeping the dust and changing the energy.
Next week I will start school in NYC to study Herbalism. Over the past few months it has become very clear that my path is the one that involves my little friends from the garden and the knowledge I gained already as a Medical Assistant. That means I may write about it here.
Another big topic I would like to focus on is my snail mail hobby. I have been writing letters since I was 8 and although I took breaks sometimes, I do come back to it. I just started looking for a few more penpals and I will post about that as well.
The tarot chapter is on hold but not forgotten. I am hoping to get more busy here again, and thinking if I do add my herbal studies here I will.
I would like to see this wordpress as a collection of the knowledge I gain and some other things like penpalling, crafting, or whatever tickles my fancy. Future posts will be also posted on my tumblr as I did with the tarot cards.
Have a great start into the week!

Update 3/7/2017

Yes, I know. I am not the most active one here but I promise, I update when I can. I love working on a little side project like this but there is also a life outside this boxed cage (aka the internet).
Besides working on Tarot, I want to start on gemstones and music (yes, music!). This will obviously take time, so please bare with me. I still haven’t figured out yet how to organize everything, especially if I need an alphabetical table and such.
As to the music: I believe music is magic (think frequencies).
Anyhow, thanks for following me. I do notice 🙂