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Hi, I am Piashlara. I have had a Tumblr for years but passiveness in form of reblogs took my desire to achieve something. Here, I want to change it.
Introductions are not exactly something I am good with, so I will cut it short for now and add questions to the FAQ below, should they arise.

What is the purpose of this blog?
This blog is a collection of knowledge I would like to collect in one spot: here. Most of it will be related to herbalism, witchraft, nature and possibly some photography. I am currently re-vamping my main focus so things are a little out place for a little bit since I intended this to be different than it evolved.
In September 2017 I started to study herbalism at ArborVitae in NYC. Therefore most of my work here will reflect my studies there and my experiments at home (and eventually building my own business).

Hey, I found an error in your posts!
Please let me know and I will change it. This is a one-person project so mistakes are easier to oversee. I am also open for suggestions if you think something doesn’t line up. I am by no means an expert and I love feedback!



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