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Hi, I am Piashlara. I have had a Tumblr for years but passiveness in form of reblogs took my desire to achieve something. Here, I want to change it.
Introductions are not exactly something I am good with, so I will cut it short for now and add questions to the FAQ below, should they arise.

What is the purpose of this blog?
This blog is a collection of knowledge I would like to collect in one spot: here. Most of it will be related to occultism/witchraft.

Why don’t you just use a paper diary?
While I am a fan of old-fashion writing on paper, having a “database” on paper is harder to achieve, harder to maintain and harder to add to once established. Having an online collection of all knowledge accumulated will just make it more accessible – even if it’s just for easy cross-referencing.

Hey, I found an error in your posts!
Please let me know and I will change it. This is a one-person project so mistakes are easier to oversee. I am also open for suggestions if you think something doesn’t line up. I am by no means an expert and I love feedback!


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