Weekly Summary 2/11/2017

The purpose of weekly summaries is to track progress on this site, add news and all other updates.
Since this blog is new, there is a lot to do. A lot of working on style, tags, categories, and other organizational tasks are required which is somewhat tedious but required if an organized website is being built.

A daily “card of the day” is being prepared and queued for release once per day. I started with the Major Arcana. What needs to be done is an introduction into Tarot, a summary of it, working links etc. This will obviously take some time.

I would also like to add herbs and gems. Added the pages on top. I am not sure of organization of alphabetical lists. May have to check a plugin.

There are plenty of other things to think about but these are the main focal points right now.

Further down the road, the exploration of different teachings/paths/schools is a possible idea.

If you are a visitor and have suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always open to ideas! Please bear in mind that this site is run by myself so things may take awhile with having a life and all that 🙂


and in the beginning, there was an intro…

hi, i am piashlara and this space is intended as a collection of various knowledge.
my main themes will evolve around witchcraft & occultism, veganism, nature, and whatever will find it’s way here.
there will be an about me eventually here. i am not good at this.

topics coming up in the near future:
– a tarot card a day and general focus around tarot, various decks and collecting detailed information about them
– sigils and possibly chaos magic
– herbal referendum with detailed info (long-term project)